Dan Feldman

Dan Feldman


Host, Podcaster, Speaker, Agile Coach, Agile Project Manager, Product Owner, Audio Engineer, Videographer, Photographer, Former Embedded Software Engineer

The host and creator of “Agile and Beyond”, a podcast examining the future of work, education, and society.

By engaging with Agile practitioners, team builders, design thinkers, organization designers, systems thinkers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from around the world, Dan seeks to understand how best to improve collaborative creative work so that he may share it with others.

It’s been my pleasure. Man, we have roamed all over the place and it’s been a blast! There’s nothing more fun to me than sort of a jazz session of thinking, and that’s definitely what this one was. Just riffing, and going, and running, and that was a lot of fun. John Spence

His experience is wide-ranging and international, from developing embedded real-time software for 10 years in Greater Boston to advising entrepreneurs on Agile Scrum, team building, and talent acquisition in China and Tampa.

He has lived all around our pale blue dot: Tampa, Shanghai, Berlin, Kunming, Qingdao, Zibo, Nashua, Boston, Nashville, Norwalk, Binghamton, Yokohama.

In China, where he lived for nearly a decade, he coached both execs and individual contributors on multicultural team building and re-integrated a China manufacturing plant into U.S. sourcing strategy. For a Japanese factory automation company in Shanghai, he executed a digital marketing strategy.

He has worked throughout his career to align himself, and the teams which he has served, to a deeper, more compelling purpose.

For as long as he can remember, he has facilitated an Agile process of some type, maintaining the product backlog and product roadmaps, for a variety of initiatives.

As a natural global, conceptual thinker, he cultivates creative and collaborative learning organizations, and teams and collaborates across boundaries.

He has amassed a diverse array of experiences…

  • Technical Product Owner. Certified Scrum Product Owner. Creating and hosting this podcast, and enjoying the steep learning curve involved in such an undertaking. Defined a digital marketing strategy and maintained the backlog (2+ years) in Shanghai. Produced the functional specification for a next gen embedded telephony platform (2 years). Envisioned and executed an embedded Radio Management System (2 years).
  • Speaker. Business Lecturer. At Mile High Agile 2017, he spoke on “Superhumans and Innovation Workshops: How to Create Workplaces of Collective Genius”. He briefed the Executive MBA students at the University of South Florida on China business practices in preparation for their China trip.
  • Practitioner and exponent of Agile, Lean, and Kanban, and student and explorer of the next generation of human-centered organizations. He is active in the Agile Denver community, including the ScrumMaster Guild and Lean Kanban Groups. Under the auspices of the Agile Denver Board of Directors he serves as Product Owner for the Community Management Team, and Chair of one of the tracks within the Speaker CAR for Mile High Agile 2017, the 6-year old conference which Agile Denver organizes each spring. He now chairs the “Organization, Culture, and Collaboration” track in the Speaker Committee. In early 2016 he volunteered at Mile High Agile 2016.
  • Founder. Host. Podcaster. Host of the “Agile and Beyond” podcast (since May 2016). Publishing interviews with Agile practitioners, team builders, design thinkers, organization designers, systems thinkers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from around the world.
  • Technical Project Manager. Scrum Master. He has worked with cross-functional tech teams, and delivered open projects in IT, software, and manufacturing. The projects were often large, complex, and geographically dispersed across several locations (Asia, Europe, and the US).
  • He managed multimillion dollar Global Production Lines in China, and led international tech transfers, production migrations, and tooling development.
  • Product Marketing Manager, digital marketing strategist, website developer, and videographer for a Japanese factory automation company in Shanghai. Proposed and executed a digital marketing strategy (2 years). Performed marketing audit/analysis and competition study. Formulated the corporate identity and online branding. Developed Asia & China sales strategy. Organized and attended trade shows. Engaged in business-to-business sales activities.
  • English and American History Lecturer and Northeastern University Faculty Member with Kaplan Higher Education China (Kunming), where he prepared high school graduates for admission to top US colleges.
  • Change Management Project Leader. Cross-Cultural, Organizational Coach. Playing the role of change manager, cross-cultural organizational coach, and project manager, he re-integrated a 2,500 employee electronics plant in Qingdao, China into the sourcing strategy of Tyco Electronics, a large U.S. multinational.
  • Wuji-style Baguazhang and Taiji-style Praying Mantis disciple of Master Pan Wenxing of Qingdao, China. Dan is the first and most senior Wuji-style Baguazhang student of the last surviving disciple of Mount Emei’s Wuji-style Baguazhang in the world. He studied with Master Pan for 5 years in the mountains and on the beaches of Qingdao. He also studied Qinna and Mongolian wrestling, and various forms of Taijiquan in China. He wishes that he could continue to study with Master Pan here in Denver, and has wanted for years to post the series of videos that he filmed and edited of Master Pan demonstrating his Praying Mantis, Baguazhang, and Taiji forms and techniques. He is grateful that his old Qingdao friend, Marc Montebello, was able to capture this ethereal shot of Master Pan here.
  • He studied Aikido briefly at Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay under Guy Hagen Sensei and Don Ellingsworth Sensei after returning to the States.
  • Former student of yoga, Vipassana meditation, and oriental medicine.
  • Speaker of 3 languages, including Mandarin Chinese and German, with elementary skills in another two (French and Korean).
  • Senior Systems Software Engineer. Embedded software systems and digital signal processing engineer. Developed commercially successful embedded software, primarily in telecommunications (10 years). He developed algorithms for telecommunication and avionics systems, and contributed in all phases from negotiating customer requirements to full deployment.
  • Dan received his BE and MS from Vanderbilt University in 1991 and 1993, respectively, where he studied in the Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering departments. His interests spanned Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, and World Literature.
I’ve got to tell you, Dan. I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to come here and talk. I really appreciate it. And you ask very intriguing questions. And I like the way you think about things because you have an explorer’s mind. And that’s what we all need. We shut down to life, and that’s when we stop being Agile. You have to open yourself back up and be an explorer. You have to have the beginner’s mind. Say I don’t know and be okay with it, because it’s true – we don’t know until we ask, or until we see, or until we learn.Jesse Pearlman

About Dan & Agile and Beyond:

Dan Feldman is the creator and host of the Agile and Beyond podcast. With Agile practitioners, design thinkers, team builders, organization designers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, he explores the future of work, education, and society. With the digital age demanding greater collaboration, enhanced creativity, and heightened agility, he examines avant-garde, responsive, collaborative team and organization designs as well as the shifts in our individual and collective perception of experience and purpose. Tune in!

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