Millennial Series

In regular episodes he covers a range of topics which his Millennial guests have expressed interest. Those topics include:

  • Workplace culture and organization
  • Education system and change
  • Social change
  • Automation, A.I., and trans-humanism
  • Economic change and trans-capitalism
  • Morality, and the intersection of science and spirituality
  • Career flux

Dawna Jones (Vancouver) and Gert Penne (Ghent Area, Belgium) and I are conducting an experiment in collaboration. In an effort to team across not only geography and culture, but also generation, we conduct regular online discussions with several Millennials dispersed around the world, in order to learn how they, as global citizens, envision the future of work and the workplace.

While there are some generational differences, the biggest difference between those who are awake to the change in the workplace and society and those who are not is largely individual, not generational. Some 60 year olds are more awake to what is happening than many 20 year olds. That said, the generation now entering the workforce has a very different perspective on work and society than the Boomer generation, and as a consequence will play a critical role in altering the workplace and society.

7: The Future of Work and Education – A Millennial Perspective

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